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Sign language is the most natural visual-gestural channel for all babies. They can express themselves without limits, without waiting to have access to vocal language. Baby signs" allow a fulfilling and dynamic relationship between babies and parents.

Above all, for the deaf child, it is this language that gives him/her access to the keys to understanding, being in the world and enriching relationships.

February 2023


Capture i love you.PNG

The universality of the international LSF sign


of our sign language inspired me to create this symbol representing


 Minimize  our symbol guidelines. 

Say as much as possible with the minimum of means,

such as love.  

Arnaud and Christelle Balard by Jennifer Lescouët

L'abée de l'épée

" Drawing is my childhood, my reading, my studies, my inspirations, my creations... The pencil was for me the logical continuation of my hand. I have in memory and deep in myheart all these doodles that allowed me todream. These drawings allowed me to express my creativity down to the smallest detail.  The loss of my vision forces me to create without the pencil at my fingertips.. I am on the way and I follow my own path. "

Arnaud Balard

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