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"Each word, each sign, drawing, poem  are so many steps to meet each other. Surdism is a bridge."  _8df6fbcc- 43d3-3d99-a511-2eb009ed8a2d_        _8df6fbcc-43d3-3d99-a511- 2eb009ed8a2d_Arnaud Balard

Surdism is an artistic, philosophical and cultural movement, imagined and initiated by Arnaud Balard in 2009. It offers a new force for affirmation of Deaf culture. 


Its manifesto defines the philosophy desired by this innovative project of cultural expression. It was thus written and published by Arnaud Balard in 2009.

handsbird arnaud balard


Metaphorically, this bird is constructed from powerful and positive specific visual elements of the deaf identity: the eyes and the hands. He thus becomes the bearer of a freedom to be, to live, to think and to communicate positively through signs.


And like any bird, it has the sweet symbolism of the messenger, of the dream, of peace and the ability to rise and pass with elegance and fluidity from one world to another.

The bird is one of the most beautiful symbols that conveys the ideals of Surdism.


When I initiated Surdism in 2009, I created a major work to define it very strongly visually: Le Bébé pile. Œuvre choc, alone and with different forms of expression: white gloves , fences, lights, chains,...


art invites


Art is a strength


Art challenges

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